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Interior Design Cheshire

Modern Interior Design Specialists.

Interior design Cheshire, Manchester and beyond! Modern living is changing, our days are more hectic and our homes and places of work need to change too. Wallpaper and paint has been around forever but it no longer fits into our lives, it gets torn and/or dirty. Our Venetian Plaster interior design solutions offer a range of benefits that help you every day. Not only is Venetian plaster stunning to the eye, it’s also robust and even waterproof so you can simply wipe away any marks or dirt, making it perfect for busy homes, bars, offices or hotels.

Our sensational Venetian plaster walls are made possible thanks to our unique combination of experience, knowledge and dedication to the craft. From Cheshire to Chelmsford, we are transforming homes & businesses with luxury interior design solutions!

Venetian Plaster Cheshire - Luxury designs by Venetian Plastering North West

Luxury Interior Designs

Interior Design Cheshire

Interior design solutions for homes and businesses.

Venetian plaster is a huge, luxury design trend that has seen enormous growth in popularity due to it’s jaw dropping aesthetics and every day practicality! Venetian Plastering Northwest are a leading name in luxury polished concrete walls for homes & businesses across the UK.

Many businesses from restaurants, desert bars & officesare choosing Venetian Plastering North West to make a lasting impression on their customers!

No matter where you’re located in the UK, we can make sure your home or business stands out with a modern interior design that only Venetian Plastering Northwest can provide.

With an exceptional ranges of colours and finsihes to choose from there’s no limit to what can be created using Venetian Plaster. From beautiful bathrooms to brilliant bars and beyond!

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Why Choose us?

Venetian Plastering North West are highly skilled and certified plastering artisans with over 12 years experience.

Covering the length and breath of the UK, we are uniquely positioned to transform your home or business with the incredible beauty that is only achievable through luxury Polished Concrete & Plaster.

We have a huge variety of historically accurate and modern finishes, using only the finest materials straight from Italy. You can be sure we have the knowledge, ability and experience to compliment any architectural theme at your home or business.

With so many different and totally unique finishes available we offer a sample service on request. If you have any ideas or queries please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

unprecedented Attention to Detail

Venetian Plastering North West takes client satisfaction extremely seriously and we firmly believe that every thing matters, even down to the smallest details. The quality of our work and level of service that we provide is of the upmost importance.

From the moment you make your initial enquiry through to your completed interior design, our aim is to exceed your expectations every step of the way.

Just like every home and business, each project that we create is totally unique and impeccably hand crafted using only the finest Italian materials. When choosing Venetian Plastering North West, you are choosing unparalleled luxury for your home or business.

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Polished Plaster Manchester

Venetian Plaster Cheshire - Luxury interior design by Venetian Plastering North West
Venetian Plaster Cheshire - Luxury walls by Venetian Plastering North West
Venetian Plaster Cheshire - Luxury home interior design by Venetian Plastering North West
Venetian Plaster Cheshire - Luxury interior home design by Venetian Plastering North West
Venetian Plaster Cheshire - Luxury venetian interior design by Venetian Plastering North West
Venetian Plaster Cheshire - Luxury venetian plastering by Venetian Plastering North West

Handcrafted luxury

Large choice of finishes

Incredible selection of Colours

Handcrafted with stunning attention to detail

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